About us continued

Simply Toppers was initially set up as a hobby selling mainly on social media, then launching Simply Toppers on eBay, but things really took off in 2015 following a phone call from Amazon to the extent that Simply Toppers became a full-time business!

We have now been trading since 2013. We are registered with the local authority as a manufacturer under current Food Hygiene Standards legislation, continuously maintaining their highest rating.

Keeping the onus on Simply Toppers as a family business, we now have around 100 lines with variations that are suitable for every occasion.

In 2018 we developed further, commissioning our own website, as well as making a change to our fondant so it was not just suitable for vegetarians, but vegans and those requiring dairy or gluten free.

Today we continue to hand-make all our cupcake toppers and cake decorations using food grade moulds, many of which are unique to Simply Toppers. With well over 150 moulds yet to be used, we are going to be around for some time to come.

And those teddies and ducks which started our story? Well they continue to remain customer favourites.

And of course, ‘No More Sprinkles!

Our Associations

The British Sugar Craft Guild http://bsguk.org/