Handy Baking Tips

Handy Baking Tips



Eggy cakes    

When making your cupcakes and cakes using complete eggs. First measure the eggs you are adding by breaking them into a measuring jug. Then you just make sure the flour is the same quantity. This help stops the eggy taste one can get, if there is too much egg in the mixture.

Sugar - Did you know

Sugar and Icing sugar made in the UK are made from the sugar beet plant and the waste products of producing these Sugars produces Golden Syrup.

Sugars made from sugarcane are not produced in the UK

 Cakes - All-in-one mixtures – Help

Collar on edge of cake                 Too much baking powder added

Damp, close texture                      Cake removed too soon from oven

Domed, cracked top                      Oven too hot or cake placed too high in oven

Hollow top                                      Mixture beaten too long; too slow an oven; cooking time too short; spread for baking allowed to become oily during very hot weather

Pale in colourwhen cooked         Oven too cool or cake placed on too low a shelf

Cooling cakes                                Best to leave in the tin to cool for a while before turning out onto a wire rack

Baking                                            For the best results, always switch on your oven and make sure it has reached the correct                                                                            temperature before adding your bakes to cook