We want to help you and have drawn up a list of frequently asked questions below, where you may find an answer.
If the answer is not listed, please contact us via the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Q.What are the toppers made from
A.Sugar paste with added Gum Tragacanth A full list of ingredients is located on the home page
Q.Are the toppers suitable for vegetarians?
A.Our toppers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans they are also dairy and gluten free
Q.How do I attach the toppers to my cupcakes or cake?
A.You can either apply direct to butter cream or slightly dampen the back and attach to fondant.
Q.What is the best way to store the toppers
A.Store in a dry container (not airtight) and away from light and moisture – do not refrigerate or freeze
Q.How long will they keep
A.The best before we recommend is 6 months from date of posting
Q.Are they suitable for children
A.Yes, though under guidance as a possible chocking hazarded and therefore not recommended for children under 3