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Christmas Cupcake Cake Decorations 6 Edible Large Penguins


These lovely edible penguins are sure to be  a real treat at Christmas.

They can be used on either cupcakes or as cakes .

Popular by many bakers to use as a centre piece on 8″ Christmas cakes using edible holly as a surround then given out as Christmas presents.


Christmas Cupcake Cake Decorations 6 Edible Large Penguins, these will look great on any of your Christmas cakes or cupcakes

Approx Size: 5 cm by 2.5 cm


Additional information

All our toppers are handmade and then are either hand painted with edible food colours,  or may also be glittered with edible food glitter.  A Full list of ingredients is shown on our home page

All goods are made stored and handled in a professional, hygienic environment at all times. We strive to exceed all Local Authority Environmental Health standards, EU Regulations and UK legislation covering the handling and labelling of edible products

Suitable for:  Vegetarians, Vegans and those requiring Dairy and Gluten Free

Image: Photo image may not reflect item sizes, please check size before purchasing

Legal disclaimer: May contain traces of nuts, Edible paint contains traces of Soya

Directions:  Simply place on top of your cake or cupcakes. Toppers will soften as they absorb the moisture from the mixture they are placed on

Storage: Store in A dry container (not airtight) away from light and moisture- do not refrigerate or freeze

Use by Recommendation: Best before 6 months from date of posting

Safety warning: Choking Hazard, not suitable for children under 3 years