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User Guide to display your cupcake toppers

The following information is a guide to our Cupcake Toppers and Cake Decorations and how best to use them.

They are Suitable for: Vegetarians, Vegans and those who require Dairy and Gluten Free products

Image: The photo images shown may not reflect item sizes, so it is recommended that you please check size before purchasing

How to use: Just place the Decoration on top of or around the sides of your cake or cupcakes. They will then soften as they absorb the moisture from the mixture they are placed on.

Use by recommendation: We suggest that they are best before 6 months from date of posting.

Our Safety Warning: There is a possible choking hazard with the Cupcake & Cake Topper decorations and therefore they are not suitable for children under 3 years old to eat.

Best Storage: We recommend that all our edible Decorations/Toppers are stored in A dry container (NOT airtight) away from light and moisture and they must NOT be refrigerated or frozen prior to use.

Warning: All the edible decorations we make, May contain traces of nuts and edible paint can contains traces of Soya